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Davis Studio Color - Fun Fuchsia

Unleash your creativity!

To view a video on how to use Davis Studio Color, CLICK HERE

Davis Studio Colors are a palette of high-fashion hues that provide unlimited styling options for groomers that like to create a fun finish to their styles. Formulated for use in airbrush guns or fingertip spray applications, this semi-permanent dye applies as a smooth color making it easy for stylists to see the pattern that is being prepared. Unlike other dyes, Davis Studio Color causes the hair to swell slightly so it can take in the dye more effectively. It also contains a special clear ingredient that attaches the color to the hair, which means the color remains fixed on the coat and minimizes running and dripping. Use Davis Studio Colors in an airbrush gun or convenient fingertip spray bottle to quickly apply color on most coat types or breeds. Whether you are creating a free-hand design, using stencils or adding accents to the ears, tails and pom poms, clients will love your splashes of color for special occasions or everyday!


  • Practice makes perfect! Do not expect to be an expert creative groomer overnight
  • Thoroughly wash hair before applying Davis Studio Color to remove dirt, oils and conditioner residue.
  • Do not let dye come in contact with your skin, eyes or clothing. It is semi permanent and it WILL stain. Be sure to wear gloves.
  • After Davis Studio Color is applied, allow dye to sit for at least 15 minutes. The longer the dye is allowed to soak in, the more vivid the colors will be
  • Once dye has had time to sit, rinse excess dye thoroughly until water runs clear. Skipping this step could cause dye to run if the pet gets wet and lead to damages in the home.
  • Be sure to follow state, local and federal laws with the use of dyes.

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Customer reviews

  • Very vivid color---perfect for airbrush too

    Posted by Rebecca Philpott on 10/28/2018


    Unlike other pet-safe semi perm colors, Davis Studio Color is already the perfect viscosity for the airbrush--NO mixing, ever. Also, can also be used via just pumping the spray tip on the bottle, no airbrush needed. This is a true fuschia (hot pink) color and is simply stunning. When you need semi-perm color, you want it to be bright, and this is the best product! Be sure and leave on the fur for 15-30 mins before rinsing. Hint: use a clarifying shampoo and thoroughly dry the coat before using dyes---even a hint of conditioner can cause less vivid results. After rinsing off dye, you can always add conditioner or coat spray!--RJP