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Simply Pure Complete Conditioner, 16 oz.

Helps eliminate the need for after-bath finishing aids

Hydrating and deep penetrating, professional strength Simply Pure Complete Conditioner is a blend of Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil in a base of ultra purified water, redefining shine, softness and coat nourishment. It de-mats effortlessly while removing undercoat, making the coat more manageable. Static is removed from the coat too. The all-in-one Complete Conditioner rinses easily and never leaves an oily feel or residue. This conditioner moisturizes the coat and skin to restore softness and beauty. Ready-to-use formula

The name of the Simply Pure line is changing to Pure Planet. As we make more of a certain product and size, the label will change to Pure Planet. The product itself and the sku numbers are exactly the same, it is only a name change. You won't even notice the difference! 

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