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Hoof Protectant & More

Protective barrier helps maintain moisture

Davis Equine Hoof Protectant & More forms a barrier to help protect and maintain a healthy hoof. It blocks out harsh environmental conditions while it toughens and strengthens the hoof. Use to lock in natural moisture under hot, dry conditions and to help prevent cracked, brittle hooves and keep moisture out during wet conditions to guard against soft, mushy hooves. Formulated with Miconazole Nitrate for added benefit, Hoof Protectant & More sealant provides a show-ring shine and is an essential tool for proper hoof care.

  • Liquid sealant for stronger, healthier hooves
  • Contains Miconazole to shield from thrush and bacteria
  • Enhances color for a show ring finish
  • Helps prevent cracking and fills in nail poles to protect against fungus

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