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Davis Bow Jig

Bow Making Made Easy!

To view a short video on how to use the Davis Bow Jig, CLICK HERE 

Click here for a video using tulle with the Davis Bow Jig

The Davis BowJig makes creating bows for pets simple and easy! In a few quick steps, you can create colorful and creative bows that turn out perfect every time. As most groomers know, the most difficult part of tying bows is attaching the rubber bands used to secure the bows in the hair. The Davis Bowjig simplifies this process making tying bows a snap. Easily make bows in a variety of sizes by adjusting the pegs to different widths. Groomers everywhere can now save money and valuable time by tying bows themselves with the Davis Bow Jig. Includes Hook Tool

For Printable Instructions on how to use the Davis Bow Jig, click here

For video instructions, click here.




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