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Cologne Mix-n-Match

Available in 35 unique scents

Give pets a finishing spritz or two of this long lasting fragrance to make them more huggable than ever. Clients will love the delightful aromas that include lush florals, fresh fruits, citrus blends and emotion-enhancing botanicals. Many of our scents compliment our shampoos so that you can layer the same fragrances. All Davis Eau de Colognes are made from high-quality, concentrated natural essential oils and plant extracts that are known for their ability to endure. And all are packaged in a beautiful 8 oz. clear bottle with a very fine mister.

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Customer reviews

  • French vanilla & Lavender Magic

    Posted by Kristin Parks on 05/14/2014


    I always use these two and I get so many compliments on how good the pets smell and how long it last after they go home! I would highly recommend these products!

  • Lavender Magic & Davis Best

    Posted by Lindsey Dean on 12/05/2014

    These are my favorites so far. They smell amazing!

  • Fresh & Clean, Cucumber Melon

    Posted by Lynette Binns on 05/05/2015


    These fragrances are customer favorites!! I also get many compliments from my customers on how good their pets smell and the fragrance lasts longer than any other cologne that I have tried. Fresh & Clean really does smell fresh and is great for getting rid of "doggy smell" between shampoos. I would not hesitate to recommend these products to my customers or other groomers. Great product!!