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    Published on Friday, January 22, 2016.


     1.) KetoHexidine

     2.) Oatmeal & Aloe

     3.) Maximum Chlorhexidine

     4.) Benzoyl Peroxide

     5.) Grubby Dog

    Congrats to KetoHexidine for being the Best Selling shampoo of 2017!!!

    Honorable mentions:

    All Purpose Shampoos

    1.) Grubby Dog

    2.) Tearless

    3.) Davis Gold

    4.) Plum Natural

    5.) Davis Best Luxury

    Therapeutic Shampoos

    1.) KetoHexidine

    2.) Oatmeal & Aloe

    3.) Maximum Chlorhexidine

    4.) Benzoyl Peroxide

    5.) 2% Chlorhexidine

    Simply Pure

    1.) Oatmeal & Aloe

    2.) Cucumber Melon Tearless

    3.) Coat Brightening

    4.) Deep Cleaning


    1.) Sugar Cookie

    2.) Lavender Magic

    3.) Flowering Bamboo

    4.) Best Friend Flowering Bamboo

    5.) Fresh & Clean



    Mojo! Contest

    Thank you to all of our contestants! The submissions were fantastic! 





    Stop by our Facebook page to see all of the contestant entries






  • Published on Monday, May 11, 2015.

    So you’re using Davis colognes and they’re working out great for you. It isn’t broke, why are we fixing?

    This isn’t a fix, this is an entirely new line of products for us, and unlike anything we’ve done before. Not to mention, the technology that helps make Best Friend Colognes economical and efficient, is unique to Davis. We won’t bore you with all the technical details, instead we’ll tell you what you really want to know, why people are raving about them!

    ·         These colognes are EASY to use! They spray a fine mist, and the cans are capable of spraying at angles or even upside down! The mist dries quickly, and leaves a long-lasting scent.

    ·         Bang for your buck! Unlike a typical aerosol can that stops spraying before all the product has been used, these use our unique technology that helps fully empty the contents of the can, meaning you aren’t paying for product you’re unable to use.

    ·         Eco-friendly- The cans are 100% recyclable, and use compressed air to empty the contents, so no harmful VOC’s.

    Best Friend Colognes are offered in longtime favorites, and a brand new scent as well.

    • Pawpular (NEW!)
    • Flowering Bamboo
    • Fresh & Clean 
    • Lavendar Magic

    You can check them all out here! 



  • 2015 Davis Catalog

    Published on Thursday, March 05, 2015.

    The 2015 catalogs are here!  Be sure to check out all your Davis favorites, and the newer items making their debut in our yearly catalog for the first time!

    Not to be missed:

    Pure Planet Best Friend ColognesYour favorite Davis colognes in eco-friendly aerosol sprays

    Studio Color Crème Chalk Pens - Cool color without the mess and commitment

    Davis MoJo!™  - Wrangles tangles and silkens coats like magic! 


    DentaMed Breath Spray - Freshens breath and helps to reduce plaque


    Pure Planet Safe and Clean - More enzymes and faster action than other brands! 


  • Creative Contest

    Published on Sunday, March 01, 2015.

    It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since our Studio Color Creme Chalk Pens were introduced in the Studio Color line! We can't say enough great things about all the pictures being submitted, Thank you, We Love Them All!!! Head on over to our Facebook page where you can view all the entries from our Studio Color photo contest! Beleow are but a mere few we have received from our fans featuring Davis creative products, feel free to submit your own!    











    We've got simple and creative ideas for every groomer. Check out our full line of creative products:

    Studio Color Creme Chalk Video Tutorial

    Studio Color Dye Video Tutorial

    Studio Color Dye 

    Glamour Glitter

    Glitter Works 


    Hands Free Stencils 

    Nail Polish

    Davis Bow Jig- Bow making quick and easy!

    Davis Bow Jig Video Tutorial


  • Testimonials

    Published on Saturday, January 10, 2015.


    Just got my mojo last week Posted by Sheila Speedling on 09/23/2014

    I absolutely love it! This is going to be a staple in my grooming shop. I went thru tangles so fast it was amazing. Great for people too, went thru my 14 yr olds almost waist length hair like magic. It doesn't leave hair/fur looking greasy either.


    Definitely does what it says! It's great Posted by Michelle Young on 05/21/2015

    I've never had much luck with other detanglers. Mr. Davis persuaded me to get a bottle at the Atlanta Pet Fair. I was so surprised when I used it. It works great! I love this stuff and use it almost daily now in my mobile unit. It really aids in getting the tangles and mats out and doesn't leave an oily or greasy residue. 

    Thanks Mr. Davis for another fabulous product! 
    Michelle @ TransFURmations Mobile Pet Salon


    Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo

    #1 Oatmeal Shampoo Posted by Carol Briggs on 05/15/2014

    works great, cleans and deodorizes, soothes irritated skin, relieves itching- leaves a pleasing scent, great for skin and coat- makes for happy customers, never had a complaint- love all of Davis' shampoos and conditioners that I have used

    Thanks, Davis, for all your wonderful products!


    This is the shampoo my customers ask for! Nancy Kessler on 05/28/2014

    According to the guardian/master of Princess Kahula, this loved shihzu feels better, more relaxed after a bath with Davis Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo---we live in the allergy capitol (Tennessee). Always a safe bet, to bathe with Oatmeal and Aloe.  Love the Davis products and service. When I'm at the shows, the Davis booth is my first stop!!! Thanks Davis family! That means Davis family and Davis family: the good folks who work with Mr. Davis!


    Salon Shampoo leaves pets with a fresh and conditioned coat. Michele Polito 06/29/2014 

    Great product and our house shampoo. Great value for the product. I use it on my show dogs as well.


    Love this shampoo Posted by Betty Brinson on 09/13/2014

    Cleans well and leaves a very subtle, fresh scent. This is my new favorite house shampoo. It takes only a very small amount with my recirculating bathing system which makes it economical.


    Oatmeal Leave-On Conditioner

    Absolutely Love This Product!!! Posted by Lynette Carter on 05/15/2014

    Finally a leave in conditioner that doesn't feel greasy and actually works!!!!

    Love it! Posted by Betty Brinson on 10/18/2014 

    It's conditiony without being greasy. It works well to condition skin and coat, leaves coats soft, and doesn't add to drying time. I initially ordered the small size to try. I will be ordering the gallon and keeping this on hand. I love it. I am using it on most client dogs, and I have added it to my own personal allergy dog's bathing regimen.


    Quick-Dry Spray

    Davis Quick Dry After-bath Spray  Posted by Rhonda Farnsworth on 05/15/2014

    I can't believe how well this works! Cocker furnishings and long haired dogs take so much less time to dry. I've got to say I'm really impressed. Keep up the good innovations, Davis! Love your products!


    Quick Dry  Posted by Pamela Martin on 05/17/2014

    It really works and cut down on the drying time which is a HUGE plus especially in summer.


    Quick Dry Posted by Betty Brinson on 09/13/2014

    I now use this in combination with the Quick Dry shampoo, but I've also used it with other shampoos. When the dog is towel dried well and then sprayed, this spray works great. I kind of rub it in a little after spraying. It cuts drying time dramatically on those thick-coated dogs. I always keep it on hand.


    Quick-Dry Shampoo

    really happy I tried  Posted by Carina Marks on 05/03/2014

    I decided to try this shampoo and I am so glad I did. Works amazing, lathers and cleans very well, it did cut my drying time in almost half , leaving me plenty of time to work on the hair cut. Great product , smells nice and clean once it is dry too, it is a must have it in my van now.


    Works well   Posted by Betty Brinson on 09/13/2014

    This shampoo, especially when used in combination with the Quick Dry spray, does cut drying time dramatically. I love the scent, and it cleans well. It kind of smells like watermelon to me. When you open the bottle, it seems thin, but don't be fooled; a little really does go a long way. I use it with a recirculating bathing system. I'll be keeping this on hand.


    Protein Aloe & Lanolin Shampoo

    Pantops Pet Salon, Charlottesville Va  Posted by Sheila Taylor on 05/15/2014

    We have been using Davis shampoos for over 35 years and while they all are of excellent quality, one stands out as special....the Protein, Aloe and Lanolin. Recommended as a moisturizing shampoo we find that it also cleans, lathers and rinses well. We like it so much we use it as our default shampoo for all general grooming and bathing purposes and its consistent performance insures we achieve professional results.


    Dog's Day Out, Bowling Green, Kentucky   Lindsay Jolly on 05/30/2014

    We use the Protein, Aloe and Lanolin shampoo with our Davis bathing system. It is great for dry, itchy skin. One client in particular comes to mind while reviewing this product. We have an English Mastiff that comes to us for grooming weekly and struggles with allergies and dry skin. We have noticed a drastic improvement with his skin flaking since switching to this shampoo. Also, his owner has reported to us that he has noticed a lot less scratching since we started using the Protein shampoo and his dog's coat looks better than it has in years!


    Spa Facial

    Great Product! Posted by Kasey Parks on 05/29/2014

    You can wash a dog's face or scrub their beard without worrying about irritating their eyes. Also works Great on flat-faced dogs to get the smell out of the face wrinkles. Highly recommend Spa Facial!


    Tearless Shampoo

    Works great Posted by Betty Brinson on 09/13/2014

    I like this for faces and for puppies because owners seem to like baby scented puppies. The scent is comparable to baby shampoo.


    Honey Almond

    Great Shampoo Posted by Andrew Morton on 05/14/2014

    The smell of this shampoo is the best and it truly lasts....It does a wonderful job of cleaning our pets.


    love it!!! Posted by Regan Hoffman on 06/13/2014

    Love the smell it leaves on the dogs. Not to strong and cleans so well.


    Waterless Shampoo

    Potty clean up Posted by Pamela Martin on 05/17/2014

    Great for emergency clean ups at shows!


    Waterless Shampoo Posted by Amber Wood on 05/20/2014

    I love the Waterless Shampoo! if the dog had an accident and the owners are on the way no time to give them another bath and to dry the dog. I whip out the Waterless Shampoo, spray wipe, perfecto! Clean dog again! It doesn't irritate the dog skin!!!! Love this product! Thanks Davis!!!!


    Grubby Dog Shampoo

    Grubby Dog Shampoo...The BEST Posted by Julie Sheets on 05/22/2014

    Grubby Dog shampoo is my # 1 choice for everyday use in my mobile salon. My customers rave about the scent and how clean their pets are. Leaves oily coats squeaky clean and does not dry out the skin. Very gentle on my hands too. Love all Davis products.


    Simply Pure Cucumber Melon Shampoo

    Cucumber Melon Tearfree Shampoo Posted by Jean Spivey on 05/14/2014

    I have used the cucumber melon tearfree shampoo on every dogs face that I have groomed for the past 3 years. I have never had anyone tell me it irritated their dogs eyes and it really removes that sour smell that so many dogs get around their mouth and beard area. I have tried other facial shampoos but this is by far my top favorite facial shampoo because I know it works, it smells great and is eye safe!


    Coat Gloss and Color Enhancer

    Amazing product! Posted by Nicole DeScisciolo on 05/23/2014

    I use this product on cats, and dogs. It leaves a beautiful shines finish!!


    Fluff Out

    Great for Poodles and Persians when you want poof!  

    Pamela Martin on 05/17/2014

    Great for Poodles and Persians when you want poof! 5 star


    KetoHexidine Shampoo

    LOVE THIS SHAMPOO Posted by Theresa Ingison on 05/23/2014

    We love this shampoo and recommend this to our clients that have dogs with skin issues. We have seen dramatic changes in the skin of the dogs that we use it on.


    Simply Pure Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo

    Cost effective! Posted by Rhea Vanderwerf on 06/06/2014

    This smells so fresh and clean. My customers love it and it dilutes very well. highly recommended!


    Flea & Tick Shampoo

    AWESOME  Posted by Jessica Parker on 05/15/2014

    I am a groomer and the first thing that I love about this shampoo is that it DOES NOT smell like a pesticide like so many other flea/tick shampoos. It also works GREAT


    Flea & Tick Shampoo Posted by Sabrina Holmes on 05/19/2014

    Works really great at killing fleas and cleaning the coat.